Guesthouse Kamenik  is open for visitors from the Spring of 2009. It is located on the hill above the village square of Yagodina.

                The famous Yagodina cave is only 2 kilometers from the village, which is secluded under the Mount Saint Ilia. This mount once sacred for the Thracians presents you with fantastic views over the Rhodopes Mountain. There is a new metal ramp sticking out 4 meters from the end of the cliff and overlooking at Buinovsko Gorge

                The house is extremely comfortable and well appointed. If you are looking for beautiful scenery, relaxation and fresh air, visit us! Summers you will play Paintball in the shady forests, and winters will ride the snowmobiles. You will spend evenings at the fireplace will a cup of red wine.Welcome!


        is a website for people who love to spend their holidays in mountain and what better place for it in the Rhodopes. At this site you will find lots of photos, useful information and interesting stories from everyday people in the Rhodopes. 

                Yagodina village is located in the Western Rhodopes, 25 km from Devin and more so than Dospat. Until 20 years ago has led Yagodina 2nd border zone because of its proximity to Greece (15 km). Teshel (exit from the main road to the village of Yagodina) soldiers stood with caps and guns, and jealously guarding this beautiful place from prying eyes, and definitely there was a lot to see here. 

                Yagodina village, municipality Borino is an attractive place for active recreation with its natural beauty and hospitable people. Jewel in the crown is Yagodinska cave with its beautiful cave formations and preserved traces of a prehistoric cave dwelling people. Another natural phenomenon is Buinovsko Gorge, which meanders in and the road to the village. Driving on it do not rush and try to enjoy the coolness, which in summer is like a salve for the tired traveler.

                As you pass under the “Wolf jump (where the gorge narrows at its upper end) to remember the legend of the wolf haunted by shepherd dogs,  remain forever in the folklore of the local people. After about 2-3 km to the left you will see a high mountain peak, it was Saint Ilia(1500m altitude). It is the newest attraction in the region, a platform that sticks out of 4 meters by the end of the downward slope and an incredible panoramic view.

                Rhodope Mountains, with their soft light as a wave forms are revealed in all its brilliance, and the road below is a thread in the green sea. After another 2 kilometers to the left is the exit to the village of Yagodina, if you continue ahead after about 500 Mert is Yagodinska cave Buynovo village (10 kilometers) and Kojare village (12km). In Kojare an old road goes to Drama (Greece). Once you get into the Schengen perhaps in 2011, that means 60 kilometers to the Aegean Sea.

                But let’s go back to the fork of Yagodina and continue our journey. 2 more kilometers, and are at the center of the village. Kamenik house is situated in the hill perched on the south slope of the left into the village. This is a renovated old house where he lived for some time and Dimitar Raychev, Yagodinska cave discoverer. The house offers all the comforts for your holiday, with a capacity of 12 persons and private bathrooms to each room.

                Some of the attractions offered are day trips to hunt wild horses, of course, rather than load his gun prepare batteries for your cameras. If you are looking for something more extreme Kamenik House also has kit with 10 paintballs. In the backyard are parked 3 Ski Doo snowmobiles for winter recreation and healthy Jeep Cherokee for carefree trips around the countyside. And if you love to use your two feet as a means of going around, there are wonderful eco-trails to Mount St. Ilia, Yagodinska cave, Trigrad (6 kilometers) and many others. Dear guests, here you are always welcome, as House Kamenik commit to a pleasant stay for your holidays.



                  Yagodina village (1100 m altitude) is located in a valley between two peaks that rise 500 meters above the village. Durdaga peak divided by Trigrad Jagodina and is heavily forested, south of the country grows the famous tea Sideritis. Elijah peak is the exact opposite of his brother with a stony slopes. It is located on the north side of the village and stops the cold wind, creating a unique climate for the village.
                The view which opens from the top of Elijah gave rise to the enterprising people of the village to build a metal platform that sticks out to 4 feet above Buinovsko Gorge. The design was created with the thought of safety first. Tourists visiting the site can feel completely relaxed, and so to enjoy this tale called Rhodope Mountains.
                West view extends all the way to Rila and Pirin, even if it boasts a good vision, your gaze to the north can get down to the Balkan Mountains. As you look down from the ramp opens Buinovsko gorge with the river meandering alongside the road. It is not a rare sight to see a golden eagle overflying a chamois cloth are tied to your lens.
               Kamenik house is located in the village and is an ideal starting point for day hikes to Eagle Eye. Explore the picture gallery and see for yourself how many more there to see. Yagodina village looks forward to reveal a long kept secret in front of you. Welcome!

кьща Каменик Ягодина - Орлово око

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